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About Us

Providing Timely and Affordable Legal Services to the South Shore, Cape Cod and Eastern Massachusetts

Specializing in divorce and family law, we also handle many types of civil litigation, consumer protection matters, employment issues, real estate transactions, and landlord-tenant disputes.  We have relationships with numerous law firms throughout the region, so we can refer you to the right lawyer with the right experience if your needs fall outside the scope of our expertise.  We provide excellent, hands-on service to our clients, and pride ourselves on our accessibility and on keeping clients abreast of the status of their cases and matters.   

Empathy is Everything

Divorce, child custody issues, and other legal matters can be daunting.  And expensive.  But they don't have to break your spirit or your bank account.  John S. Keating is a divorced and very proud father of three beautiful and successful children, active in the community, and he knows what the court process is like as both a party and as an experienced attorney.  Having a degree from an Ivy League school (Brown University) is all well and good, but experience is the best teacher, and there's nothing like having someone in the trenches with you who's been there himself.   


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